“What’s your name, honey,” they ask.

“Misty,” I reply at eight.

“Mitzy?” they ask.

“M-I-S-T-Y,” I reply at nine.

“Mitzy?” they ask.

“Is your middle name Dawn?” they ask.

“No,” I reply at eleven.

“Mitzy?” they ask again.

“Yes,” I reply at fourteen.

I meet Dawn the second week of…

I spend a year struggling over what to wear on my first day of high school. Do I want to be part of the preppy crowd, the metalheads, or go plain and commit to a lifestyle choice later on? During this year of agonizing over first-day fashions, JAMS Originals shorts…

I grew up in apartment life and I despised it. We had a multitude of pools and a clubhouse, but I wanted a backyard. There was an abundance of kids from broken homes to play with, but I dreamed of dads grilling burgers and cul-de-sac life.

A cluster of alluring…

It’s Thanksgiving 1981, one day before my 11th birthday, Nikki and I dine with our upstairs neighbors, Teresa, 14, and her mom, Cindy. There are no men in sight. There is no turkey in sight. All I see is a blunt in my mom’s hand that she passes to Cindy…

In 1979 there wasn’t a child in Texas who loved God as much as I did. I loved St. Christopher’s, the Episcopal church that Nikki found for us, and protested with great force when she felt too ill to attend.

On those Sundays I would strategically place Bunny, Fozzie Bear…

by Misty McAfee

TV Mom — Anne from One Day at a Time

My Mom — Similar, but not as easy going

Movie Mom — Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest

My Mom — Some similarities

TV Mom — June Cleaver Leave it to Beaver

My Mom — Nope.

Movie/Book Mom — Deidre Burros in…

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